Choice® + Vaulted Objects

Choice® + Vaulted Objects

Written by
Scott Phillips
Date published
February 24, 2023

PrivateAgent is a collaborative project based on the combination of two new technologies from Vaulted Ventures and 3PMobile. The combined effect of these technologies produces the framework for the Super Apps of the future that will power a new kind of e-commerce, based on data privacy, respect and reciprocity.

Choice® and Vaulted Objects are uniquely compatible technologies that support and enhance one another.


Choice® is a new mobile application front-end framework that embodies “Augmented HTTP/HTML” — a new way of approaching web applications that are customised to suit the individual user. It is able to customise the UI, down to the level of reconfiguring the application menu structure, and to import other web applications. This provides the ability for deep integration between web applications, and the ability to customise the UI to suit each individual user, depending on their real-time context. For example, if the user has a scheduled appointment and needs to travel to the meeting, the application can reconfigure to display transport options that can get them there on time. The relevant apps can be in-lined to the Super App, so the user can book a rideshare service (or whatever) without leaving the main app. In fact, any aspect of their day can be scheduled in this way.

Vaulted Objects

None of this is going to fly unless people have control over their personal data. A Super App, by necessity, requires access to lots of sensitive private data. The user’s location, health issues, finances, social network and private conversations are all likely to be involved, and people are already quite fed up with tech companies stealing personal data.

Vaulted Objects solve this by providing users with a secure, encrypted data vault that they have full control over. Even we, the infrastructure providers, have zero ability to reach into these data objects without obtaining access credentials from the owner of the Vaulted Object.

However, some limited access to this information is required, which is why access to vaulted data can be purchased and/or premitted by the user. A simple ASK/BID mechanism enables the user to set an ask price for each piece of information, and for businesses to place a bid on getting access to it. The lower the ask, the more likely it is to be matched with a bid, and once the bid is matched, the business can then offer products, content or services to the user to satisfy their need.


Using the transport example we discussed above, if the user needs a transport option to get to their meeting, they (or more likely their AI Private Agent) can price access to the data at a point at which one or more transport providers will match the ask with a bid. Once the transport provider knows the requirements they can put an offer to the user via the Super App. The user’s agent can push that through to Choice® along with any other offers and the user can then choose which transport option they prefer — all without leaving the Super App.